How to Begin

Packing a Kouro with Makko

Shoko burning on Makko Bed

Making the impression

The trick here is to tap the bowl on the table after the koh press is inserted.

This impression is left when you remove the koh press.

Fill Impression
Fill the impression with Makko powder

Tamping Makko
Place the koh press lightly back on top of the makko impression to compress makko

Igniting Makko
Take a 1" piece of incense stick and lite it. Place lit end into makko as shown below. wait for makko to begin burning.

If your connection is fast enough the movie should play just by clicking the link. If not, I suggest "Right Clicking" your mouse on the link and doing a "save target as" Keep the file name the same and save the file to a folder or your desktop. After completing the down down select your player and open the file inside the player.

Movie Clip

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